Career Curveballs

I read this article by Peter Greenberg a little while ago on LinkedIn:

Career Curveballs: When Getting Fired is the Best Career Move

I recommend you stop and read it now. Take 3 minutes. If you have ever been fired, laid off, or unexpectedly had to leave a job for any reason…it will change the way you look at the situation, how you handle it, and how your attitude can help direct your future. As I said in my first ever Mainspire blog post, sometimes someone/something (insert whatever belief you have here) is trying to TELL you something. You have to listen very carefully to hear the message. YOU control your destiny. Stay true to yourself and everything else will fall into place. Do what you love, but take the good with the bad. Remain focused and clear. Stand tall. Don’t apologize. It’ll all work out.

Here’s the thing: I have been laid off a lot in my nearly 20 year career – maybe a bit more than the “norm”. All were through no fault of my own – company finances, department moves, consolidation, etc. It’s not uncommon in marketing, and I have chosen some more-risky career positions due to personal attraction for me and my ability to weather the storm maybe a bit better than others. My career roller coaster has been crazy, and I have no regrets! I am not ashamed! How else would I have gotten the range of experience to be able to pass on to others?

But I was never out of work long. I stayed true to my calling, always kept in touch with my network (even when employed), remained relevant, and on top of my skills. I didn’t apply for jobs that  weren’t appropriate for me when I was out of work – I looked for things that would be a good fit.

So a piece of advice: No matter where you are in your career – from college through retirement – I encourage you to think about what makes you get out of bed every morning and then go after it with a passion. Stay true to yourself. In the end, you are the only one who matters.