Hire Experts to Save Time and Money

Confession: I am a marketing expert. I am not a pool expert. So today I have a green pool.

A very, very, very green pool.

Here’s the story. We moved a couple of weeks ago and are renting a place that happens to have a pool. We’ve never had a pool as adults so we decided it would be fun to fill it up and, well, have a pool! How hard can it be?

Can you sense a metaphor coming here? Yep…when you don’t know what you are doing: CONSULT AN EXPERT. Someone who has years of training and knows everything there is to know about the subject. There’s a lot more to “having a pool” than googling “Pools for Dummies” buying some chlorine tablets, shock and a testing kit and filling a big empty space with water. Google sometimes lies. Really.

We filled the pool this past weekend. It was pure, fresh water. Yet it was green. I don’t get it. How could it be green?

On Monday we SHOULD have gone to the local pool store and said HELP! But no…two adults with graduate degrees SHOULD be able to figure this out, right? It’s just a pool!

Tuesday, we googled “Green pool water”. SHOCK IT the Internet said. So, we threw in MORE shock. The pool got greener. The filter has been running non-stop. Nothing is improving.

It’s Wednesday. I’m raising the white flag. A Facebook post confirmed my fears: it could be one of a few things, but many have said that it is most likely a high concentration of metal in the water and that shock will actually make it worse. GREAT! Google, you’ve done me wrong. My husband is heading to the local pool store with a jug of the pool water and our credit cards to have them professionally test the water and tell us what we need to do (and of course, buy) to fix the situation – correctly.

We should have done this first. Hindsight is 20/20.

Funny pool story aside, the moral of the story is spot-on: no matter how smart you are or how much money you think you can save, you should always, ALWAYS consult an expert on things outside your area of expertise. In the end, you’ll get much higher quality results, with a much quicker turn-around, in much less time. Everyone will be happier, no one will have to “fix” mistakes, and it will save time, money and headaches in the end. This goes for everything from dying your hair at home (DON’T DO IT!) or running your own marketing program for your business (ah…see what I did there??)

Hopefully tomorrow or by the weekend at least our pool will look like the photo we saw of the house last year…