How's Your Day?

How’s Your Day?

It’s Wednesday. Noon. Half way through my week, although as a business owner there really is no beginning or end to my week. I’ve had four calls this morning with clients and partners and I have to say, it’s a good day.

So I wanted to ask you – how’s your day?

Generally when we are asked this question, we give the standard “Fine thanks, and yours?” or something similar. Even if our day is going exceptionally well – or to heck in a hand basket – we answer almost always answer the same. Good. Fine. Great.

Why aren’t we more honest? Do we think our colleagues don’t care or that asking “How’s your day?” is just a pleasantry and not a real question? I’m going to put it out there and say when I ask, I am genuinely interested. I want to know if your son just got engaged last night or if you are not feeling well and would p

refer to postpone our meeting until you are better. Why? Because I am a human first, business person second. I like connecting with the people I work with on a personal level.

When we meet with client prospects (or even if I am interviewing contractors) the first thing I look for is nice people. I want to work with nice people.

How about you?

So next time someone asks “How’s your day?” and you have a moment to have a real conversation, respond! And then ask them to share their day. Listen! Connect! So much of what we do is impersonal. It’s a welcome break to actually have a conversation once in awhile and celebrate (or commiserate) with each other on a human level.

OK, my two minute work diversion is over. You may now return to your regularly scheduled afternoon.