I am the Child of the Cobbler

I had a great call with an amazing web developer and marketing agency this morning. I’ve worked with her firm for years and we have a good relationship – she’s helped a lot of my clients. She was commenting that, while she spends every day focused on the marketing efforts of her clients, her own marketing efforts for her firm are often left unattended.

Sound familiar?

It was like I was looking in the mirror. I was on the phone with her, talking through how I could help her with her marketing efforts and coaching her on what she needs to do, and yet roles could easily be reversed.

Cobbler's Shoes: Mainspire MarketingI’m sure you’ve heard the tale of the cobbler’s children. While the cobbler made sure the everyone else in town had shoes that were mended (and he was paid for his work), his own children’s shoes were worn and in need of repair. Sometimes, the things that we do best, we neglect to do for ourselves: the doctor who hasn’t had a physical in years, the hairdresser in need of a trim, or the chef who hasn’t sat down for a decent meal in months.

As a marketing professional, I have spent my entire career helping others shine. Today made me realize (yet again) that my own marketing is just as important as the marketing I do for my clients. I gave advice to this colleague and realized I wasn’t taking my own advice: spend time on yourself! Therefore, from this moment forward, I will book a bit of time every day (just as I do for client conference calls and writing!) and spend time on Mainspire – and myself – because it is important.

I encourage you to do the same. No matter your industry or profession – what have you been putting off that needs to be done? There’s no time like the present. You will be happier and your clients, customers, employees and stakeholders will all benefit.