I Need It Yesterday!

Rush jobs happen. We get it.

One of the advantages of working with an agency vs. an in-house team is turnaround time – with a larger team (perceived or actual), we can get things done quicker or on shorter deadlines. As with most projects we receive, when we ask what the due date is, often the answer is “today”, “tomorrow,” or my personal favorite, “yesterday.”

clock-359985_640With a team located in several time zones around the globe, Mainspire is able to work virtually 24/7 to meet challenging deadlines – but that doesn’t mean we want to do this every time! It’s music to our ears when we have days or weeks to prepare for an important submission. It allows for a strategic approach rather than a fire drill. We don’t have to charge a rush fee to complete it overnight and the end result is often much higher quality because it has gone through the creative process and proper channels.

In addition, clients that work with us on retainer and have projects with shorter lead times receive better results because we know their business! We’ve worked with them before and in addition to this particular rush job we aren’t also trying to learn the company’s tone, persona, messaging, positioning, etc. Rush jobs from existing clients are expected on occasion.

Sometimes a project will come in from a prospective client and it’s a last-minute “I need it tomorrow and so-and-so said you can help me!” While we appreciate the referrals (we do!) and by helping out in a tough situation we hope it will lead to a long-term relationship, it doesn’t necessarily showcase the quality of our work in the best light.

In closing, if you need something last-minute, be prepared to compromise, pay a bit more, expect a bit less and just know that we do our best. We love what we do. Really. And rush jobs are part of the job! We just want them to be a small part. Planning is key! Let us help you plan to avoid unexpected emergency situations and it will take the stress off of everyone.