IoT Pineapple

IoT Is the Pineapple of Technology

Let me explain: a pineapple is neither PINE nor APPLE. IoT can be neither INTERNET nor THINGS.

I guess I knew this but it hit me like a ton of bricks during a conference session on this topic (discussion for NIST) last week at IoT Evolution Expo.

Internet: Sure, most IoT things connect to or use the Internet, but then what about fog computing/edge computing which are driving real-time applications for IIoT? Well, yes, they are absolutely part of IoT. But how? They are not necessarily Internet connected, as they could be local and not cloud. See the disconnect?

Things: does that definition include services? objects? digital twinning? Wow, we have a lot to talk about.

Would anyone like to dispute the meaning of the word “of”?

Oh IoT. We love you but your name means so many things to so many people. No wonder we are confused.

Why is this important?

Well, if the name itself is confusing, imagine how challenging it is to market this technology. Make sure you work with people who get it: who understand the nuances, the player, and the technology. Who know the difference between a database and big data. Who get why some consumer IoT products aren’t really IoT at all but are just jumping on the IoT buzzword bandwagon and cluttering the space for the rest of us. If you need help setting yourself apart in the market, talk to the experts at Mainspire. We can make you stand out in the crowded IoT space. And we won’t put sunglasses on a pineapple – promise.


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