The Call Gap

It’s 10:51. One call just finished and my next one starts at 11:00. What do you do with your call gaps?

It’s not often I have call gaps. So many of my calls run over or just up to their end times. But when I have a call gap, I like to make the most of them! So I have a to-do list of quick things by my desk I need to get done – and all are 10 minutes or less! Posting a blog post in less than 10 minutes? Sure! It can be done! I’m going to prove it. Other things?

  • Check social media messages and like a few things on one platform for your company or your clients
  • Reply to that email you’ve been meaning to for a week
  • Make a doctor’s appointment
  • Pay a bill or two online
  • Let the dog out!
  • Grab a healthy snack
  • Schedule a bunch of posts using Hootsuite and UpContent (I’ll post more on this later)
  • Clean your desk!
  • Organize a file folder or two
  • Clean your keyboard/computer monitor
  • Send an email to a client to thank them for their business and ask if they have anything they need
  • Drop a prospect a note to say hello – nothing more
  • Text a mentor to tell them how much you appreciate all their help in your life


See? None of these things take a bunch of time! And you will feel better. Getting things done.

11:00. Gotta go!