What Inspires You?


I live it – so I have to ask: Where do you find inspiration?

It’s all around us. Some of us marketing folks are born with creative blood running through our veins. We wake up to a bright and colorful world every day. People find inspiration in music, art, nature, other people…the list goes on.

On the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing this week, all of New England (and much of the world) stopped and found inspiration in the survivors – and those we lost. Boston Strong.

A few places I find peaceful and personal inspiration? Well, my favorite is TUT…A Note from the Universe. I wake up and it is the FIRST thing I read every day. They set the mood for success – kind of like me doing this, only not looking so silly at my age:

And another top contender? Begin with Yes. If you haven’t checked out Paul Boyton’s work, you must. It’s amazing.

So now I ask: Where do you find inspiration? Leave a comment. Let me know. We could all use a bit more positive inspiration in our lives.